History and philosophy

History and philosophy

History of Kulturhotel Fürst Pückler Park

Our family-run four star hotel is situated at the entrance of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Muskau Park. Even though we opened quite recently, in 2009, we benefit from a long tradition. As a health resort and spa hotel we are continuing the tradition of Bad Muskau, which was transformed into a spa town by its most well-known resident, Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau. In 1822 Pückler discovered an iron water spring in Muskau. He started offering health treatments like mineral baths and drinking spring water. In June 1823 the opening of the bathing season in the so-called “Hermannsbad” attracted more than 150 people.

Some years later another “natural heritage” was discovered near Muskau: natural peat. It was quickly established as the second local remedy. In 1881 Muskau was officially recognized as a spa town. The local health industry underwent tumultuous times in the 20th century, changing locations and operators on numerous occasions. In 1997 Bad Muskau stopped its public spa service due to economic reasons.
Just one year later the Therapeutic Centre Moorbath Bad Muskau was founded, resuming spa treatments in the former cavalier house of Prince Pückler near the New Castle. The privately run centre has secured Bad Muskau’s status as a “Spa town with peat treatment” since 2005. In November 2009 the centre moved to the newly built Kulturhotel Fürst Pückler Park at Bad Muskau’s historic market square. To revive the historic townscape, the hotel facade was designed to look like the former hotel “Stadt Berlin”.

Nowadays, guests can still enjoy the two local remedies: natural peat and thermal water. Treatments, prevention programmes or simply a day in the spa will round off your stay.

Our philosophy

Take some time out – enjoy nature and culture.

Situated next to the World Heritage Site Muskau Park, the Kulturhotel Fürst Pückler Park breathes life into the royal and sometimes extravagant lifestyle of Prince Pückler, and also cultivates Muskau’s spa tradition.

As the term “Kulturhotel” implies, we strive to fulfil our guests’ cultural expectations in all areas. To us, culture is not limited to readings and concerts. It is a combination of history, tradition, nature and education. During your stay, we want to show you first and foremost the bathing culture and history of Bad Muskau, especially with regard to its most famous son. We want you to discover the castles and gardens in and around Bad Muskau and delight in Prince Pückler’s lifestyle and fine dining.

During your stay our young, creative team will cater to your individual needs. Excellent service, and not set phrases: Our staff are as motivated as they are friendly. Our own “culture” respects the individuality of guests and hosts alike.

We wish you an enchanting stay at Kulturhotel Fürst Pückler Park and hope you enjoy the personal, therapeutic and culinary delights we have to offer.